Kul Devi is the goddess traditionally worshipped by a family.

We are Chatrala Vyas our Kul Devi is Bhuvaneshwari. There is a Temple of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari in Gondal, Gujarat state and is considered as one of the Shakti Pith.

Once upon a time our ancestors who were family members of Rup ji, Mahashankar and Ramchandra were returning home in a bullock care at late night, on the way they saw 3 young girls walking on the road by this they got surprised and asked the girls where they were going so late at night and were they not scared?. On this the girls replied that they don't get scared because they were goddesses and told our ancestors that they wished to be seated in their house.

Our ancestors asked them as to what is the proof that they were goddesses? On this they replied that on the next they if they found a symbol of Trishul and Yantra in their house then consider them as goddesses.

In Rup ji's house there was a Trishul and Yantra of Goddess Kali Maa, in Mahashankars house there was Trishul and Yantra of Goddess Bahuchar Maa and in Ramchandras house there was Trishul and Yantra of Amba ji.

Thus, they were worshipped by Rup ji, Mahashankar and Ramchandra's family members and their future generations misunderstood them as Kul Devi but, originally our Kul Devi is Goddess Bhuvaneshwari.

Story of Bhuvaneshwari :-

According to a mythology in the beginning, Sun created the three worlds (Bhuvanas). Having created the worlds the goddess appeared the form of Bhuvaneshwari and ruled and protected the three worlds.
Goddess Bhuvaneswari represents knowledge and intelligence. She is the giver of wealth, health and happiness. She is known as remover of sins and sorrows. Bhuvaneswari is the main deity in the temple. Bhuvaneswari contains the word Bhuvan which means the universe; Eswari means the ruler and hence she is known as the ruler of the universe. In human beings, she exists as Kundalini Sakthi.

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is one of the Dasa Maha Vidyas. Bhuvaneshwari stands for the space before creation in which Kali's energy takes place.

Bhuvaneshwari Bheej mantra is 'Hreem' which is as powerful as “Aum”. Hrim' connects the space within the heart with the infinite space of Consciousness. Goddess Bhuvaneswari is worshipped by Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Bhuvaneswari appears with a smiling face. She has 4 hands, two of which bless the devotees. She carries weapons such as Parshu for control of desire and Ankush for control of anger.

Bhuvaneswari temple in Gondal (Gujarat) :-

Address :-
"Ghanshyam Bhavan" 2, Mhadev Wadi, Gondal - 360 311, Gujarat, INDIA.
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0091-95-2825 222445 / 446 / 447 and 0091-95-2825 220968.
0091-(0) 2825 222445 / 446 / 447 and 0091-(0) 2825 220968.
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0091-95-2825 221195 and 0091-95-2825 220599.
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